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Why and How you should avoid dealing with Ghost/Unlicensed Immigration Consultants?

Every day hundreds of people around the world become the victims of immigration fraud as a result of their desperate desire to move and start a new and better life in Canada. Unfortunately, unlicensed and unethical individuals use this as an opportunity to make money by offering/advertising low-cost immigration services and guaranteeing people visa issuance and permanent residence in Canada.

However, One should understand that by trusting such organizations they put themselves at high risk. Unlicensed consultants are ghost consultants who do not risk anything and may disappear anytime by either ruining your visa application file forever or just doing nothing on your file and running away with money and even id documents that you gave them.

The Canadian government established a College of Immigration Consultants that strictly regulates registered Canadian Immigration Consultants and their business operations. The government allows you to access the data of registered Immigration Consultants at www.college-ic.ca/

If you are about to receive any immigration service for a fee, please make sure to check the license of your consultant at www.college-ic.ca/

Please see the video tutorial for reference. (youtube video)

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