BUSINESS Immigration FAQs

International students must obtain a study permit in order to pursue education as a full-time student in Canada if the course lasts for more than 6 months.  Students can attend an educational program with a Visitor’s visa  if the program lasts for six months or less.


  1. Speak to us and select the most suitable business immigration program
  2. Start a business plan
  3. Collect documents and proof of funds
  4. Rely on us and we will take care of all the hassle for you.


Starting a new business or operating an existing business as a newcomer in Canada is very difficult without proper guidance and strategic business operating plan. We have a team of professionals who will support, consult and guide you through the process during the first 6 month or 1-year from the start day of your business operations in Canada. Another great alternative is to purchase a franchise and have the training and full business development and operational support from the franchisee in Canada. Contact us to find the best investment migration solution for your specific case.


To prevent immigration fraud, money laundering  and make Immigration officer’s work easier, we partnered with reputable international organizations, which provide due diligence reports investigating the legitimacy of our client’s businesses. Thus, we confidently represent our business clients and prepare strong applications for investment migration with high chances to succeed. As a proof of funds businesses should provide as much information as possible including:

  1. Company’s bank statements with minimum 3 months of transaction history
  2. List of registered employees and proof salary payments
  3. Official bank statement in savings account  for the Owner of the company 
  4. Tax and deductions report  
  5. Proof of property or any other ownership which indicates the applicant’s ability to afford business trips or business immigration to Canada, etc.
Immigration and Visa officers are instructed to verify a candidate’s employment and work experience by contacting the employer directly over the phone or email. Employment confirmation and/or reference letters must be signed in a company letterhead and contain full contact information of the Employer. You must inform the employer about the possibility of being contacted by the Canadian Immigration officer.
You are not required to hire a Lawyer or an Immigration Consultant to apply for immigration. Most of the information is available on Canadian Immigration and Citizenship’s website and you can apply on your own. However, immigration is not as straightforward as it seems at the first view of the requirements. Each individual has his or her own circumstances and the qualifications of the applicant does not match the requirements for 100% in most of the cases. We highly recommend obtaining a legal consultation before taking any step towards submitting your information to the Canadian immigration office as once your profile is created in the government’s system it will stay there forever. You can not change anything at a later stage or correct minor mistakes that you may have made unknowingly. Choose your legal representative carefully and make sure the person is licensed and competent in dealing with the program that you are applying for. Do not try to save money on the initial steps of your immigration journey to Canada. For more information please read our article “ Why is legal consultation not free?”

There are various programs offered for business immigration. They are the following:

  • Self-Employed person program
  • Start-up business program
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Work permits
People with managerial or business experience and a fair amount of wealth may be eligible for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa under the Canadian Business Class category of immigration to Canada. The Business Class has three subcategories: Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed People.
You must submit documents proving your business and/or managerial experience, as well as documents proving your net worth, along with your application forms for immigration, refugees, and citizenship with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), education-related documents, and status documents (passports, birth/marriage certificates, etc.)

You must be able to prove that you have the experience, the desire, and the capacity to start or buy a business in Canada that will keep you employed and significantly advance Canadian culture, sport, or agriculture in order to qualify as a self-employed person. You and your dependents must be able to support yourselves through your desired business.

If you’re traveling to Quebec, you need to have the following documents:

  • a legally acquired net worth of at least $100,000 CAD;
  • two years’ worth of experience working for yourself in the profession you intend to pursue in the Province of Quebec.
  • Your area of interest is not restricted to culture, athletics, or farming under the Quebec Selection Criteria.
You are advised to travel to Canada on an exploration trip as a self-employed individual in order to thoroughly analyze the business, cultural, and creative climate of the region where you wish to settle.
Depending on the type and location of the proposed venture, different self-employed individuals are required to have different amounts of net worth. Self-employed individuals moving to Quebec must have a legally acquired net worth of at least $100,000 CAD.