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Become a Canadian citizen with a help of RUTE Immigration Experts

At RUTE IMMIGRATION we practice excellence and our specialty is making the immigration process as easy and stress-free as possible for you. We constantly strive to improve our performance and emphasize the importance of quality of our services and employees’ productivity.
We have learned from our mistakes in the past and our passion for continuing education has made us experts of our profession.
While we take pride in our extensive experience, professionalism and in-depth knowledge of Canadian immigration law, our multilingualism allows us to communicate with a majority of our clients in their native language. Thus, we guarantee 100% confidentiality and highly competent strategic legal representation.
There are more than 99 Canadian immigration programs and pathways available for individuals to gain a permanent residence in Canada. Find out the most suitable immigration program for you.

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Humanitarian & Compassionate Program


Status Restoration/ Status Extensions

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Work Permits (All types)


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Immigration Appeals

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Student Visa Visa Refusals Work Permits (All types) Express Entry Provincial Immigration Programs
Humanitarian & Compassionate Program Spousal Sponsorship Immigration Immigration Appeals Permanent Resident Card renewal/ Loss of Status
Status Restoration/ Status Extensions Work & Travel International Experience Canada (IEC) program Visa Exempt Countries Citizenship & Passport Application
“Canada in my mind has never been a more attractive place to work, to study and to live and we've seen tremendous interest from people around the world who wish to call Canada home. We want to ensure this trend continues and that's why we need to continue to transform our immigration system. We have to ensure that Canada remains competitive with other countries for the world's best talent and we're going to do so by delivering the best possible client service…”
Honorable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

How do we handle your immigration to Canada?

Step 1- Free immigration Assessment
We have created a modern immigration assessment system which allows us to check your eligibility for most of the Federal Immigration Programs of Canada. We promise not to proceed and charge you any fee for processing your file unless we strongly believe that you meet the eligibility requirements of the immigration category. Once we find that you meet the requirements of the certain immigration program, we will recommend you to schedule a case strategy meeting with our immigration expert.
Step 2- Case Strategy Meeting
The initial part of our representation starts by carefully reviewing your situation and determining the most appropriate visa program for you. Based on your particular situation our Immigration Experts will provide you with a strategy that is specifically tailored to meet your immigration goals.
Step 3- Case-Specific Analysis / Legal Issues
We will analyze and offer solutions to important legal issues that may affect every aspect of your application. We also ascertain the strength of your case and recommend you the appropriate time to apply and also advise you on how to increase your chances of success.
Step 4- Assistance in Gathering Supporting Documents
Based on your qualifications we will provide you with a Case-Specific Document Checklist to support your particular application and review each document received from you before enclosing them to your visa application.
Step 5- Completing the Relevant Application Forms
Our Immigration Case worker prepares all the required government forms for you based on the information and documents you provide us. As the government forms are updated on a regular basis, we make sure that you use the most up-to-date forms. Upon completion, we will send all the forms for your review and signature.
Step-6 Drafting Legal Submissions and Supporting Letters
Your legal representative will draft all the required supporting letters for your review and signature; and provide legal submissions to support your application.
Step 7- Filing Your Application Forms
Your legal representative will submit the application to the appropriate Canadian government agency on your behalf. You will receive a confirmation of submitting your application with the most current application processing times of the responsible Government Agency.
Step 8-Tracking your Application
We will be tracking the status of your visa application and assist you to provide additional documents or reply to the officer’s requests/concerns with respect to your application.
Step 9- Receiving your Visa
We will notify you immediately about the decision on your application and further assist to submit your passport for a visa.
Step 10- After you arrive
We will meet you in Canada and assist you to make the settlement process stress-free and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I retain you will you return a consultation fee?

If you decide to retain RUTE Immigration to assist with your immigration matter within 5 days of your consultation appointment, the fee you have already paid will be discounted from the cost of your service. If you are located outside Canada, your consultation fee (and any subsequent professional fees if you would like to work together) will be charged in US Dollars and is tax-free. If you are located inside Canada, your consultation fee will be charged in Canadian dollars and 13% HST will be applied to the cost.

Q. Can I pay your service fees in installments?

Professional fees can be paid in installments for your convenience.
Because Immigration fees are a substantial investment into your future, we offer to break up the total cost into multiple payments for most of our services to make top-notch representation accessible to everyone.
Our Immigration Expert will discuss the details of your situation during the consultation and give you a quote based on your specific circumstances.

Q. Why is legal consultation not free?

Please read our article with a detailed answer to your question.