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Meet an expert to start your immigration journey to Canada

Congratulations! You have come to the right point by deciding to obtain a competent legal advice to meet your immigration goal! Speaking to an Experienced Immigration and Settlement Expert is vital at the earliest stage of planning your immigration to Canada.
Canadian Immigration laws and regulations change regularly and the information that you have searched through various online sources are most of the time outdated, inaccurate or incomplete; and certainly are not tailored for you and your family to achieve favourable results. Each immigration application requires individual approach, which is teailored to meet your specific immigration needs.

What to expect from your meeting with licensed immigration expert


confirm your eligibility for immigration (visa) program(s)


select the best pathway and immigration strategy for you

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legal aspects of your case and possible risks

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creative ways of increasing your chances to success

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discuss case-specific required documents


discuss the best time to apply

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processing times

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service fees

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any questions related to your legal immigration