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Most of you have already known that there are several options for foreign business persons and entrepreneurs to expand and establish a business in Canada. This is the most efficient immigration path for those who do not meet the eligibility requirements of Federal Immigration programs due to age and language barriers.  

Many investors ask what business would be successful to operate in Canada. From our experience, the following sectors are in high demand and foreign investors are successfully immigrating by establishing new companies or opening an affiliate firm in Canada.

ICT services and products. Despite the effects of the pandemic, Canada’s ICT sector grew strongly in 2020, outperforming the broader Canadian economy in terms of output, employment, and innovation growth, and the overall estimated revenue in Information and Communication Technologies sector was $230 billion Canadian dollars.

Restaurant business. This industry category includes venues that predominantly provide food services to patrons who order and are served while sitting and pay after eating, or who order or pick things at a counter, food bar, or cafeteria line (or order by telephone) and pay before eating. This industry category covers drinking establishments that primarily provide food. According to Canadian Industry Statistics, the restaurant business is 62% profitable and the average revenue is $738.2 thousand to 2019 financial data.

Tourism industry. The Canadian tourism industry supports 1 in 10 jobs in communities across Canada and contributes an estimated $43.5 billion in GDP. Nowadays, we recommend our clients develop a medical or retirement care tourism business in addition to regular pleasure tourism.  Dental and Eyecare services are not covered by the Canadian Government Insurance in most of the provinces, and people without private or employment insurance cannot afford to pay for such services in Canada. 

Requirements:  One of the most important requirements for Business Immigration is your Managerial Experience. So if you invested funds in business only and did not work in a Managerial position operating the business, you may not be eligible to come under the business immigration program.

If you are interested in obtaining Canadian Citizenship through establishing a business in Canada contact us or complete our free assessment form (https://bit.ly/3q32wbH)

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