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Can elderly immigrants succeed in Canada without an advanced level of English or French Language?

Can elderly immigrants succeed in Canada without an advanced level of English or French Language?

Yes! Read the real case of a successful immigrant here:

Mrs. D came to Canada at the age of 40 accompanying her husband. She was an experienced doctor and a Managing Director of a private clinic back home and had a beginner level of English. She realized that it would take a very long time to improve her language skills, study medicine in Canada and become a licensed doctor. But her desire to practice medicine did not leave her alone. She tried her best to expand her network with families and individuals who worked in the field of medicine hoping to find at least an entry-level job in a medical facility through connections. However, her connections could not help her much to find a job without Canadian education and experience.

After a few years of living in Canada and working in various survival jobs, her research showed that there were so many Russian-speaking people residing in Toronto, Canada. She was fluent in the Russian language. She decided to move where the Russian community lived. She searched for Russian-speaking doctors and other professionals including accountants, financial analysts and etc. She created a team of professionals with the goal to open a small health center in the area where the majority of Russian-speaking communities resided. Further, with a help of a financial advisor, she applied for funding from the institutions and other government organizations dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs in Canada. After preparing a business plan and obtaining sufficient funds, she opened a small health clinic.

Today, she is the owner of several large medical clinics in Ontario, Canada. Her children have successfully graduated a medical school and joined Mrs. D to operate a family business.

 If you think you are too old to start a new life in Canada and you don’t have a good level of English or French language to find employment, but you have an extensive managerial experience in a certain field of business, you can apply for one of the business immigration streams and obtain Canadian permanent residence for you and your family members. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience helping businesses to succeed in Canada, and we are ready to guide you every step of the way to achieve financial stability in Canada.

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