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Top 6 Reasons Why You Student Visa May Be Refused

Top 6 Reasons Why You Student Visa May Be Refused

Study Plan: The officer will not be convinced that the main reason for coming to Canada is to study unless you provide a detailed and logical study plan. If a person already has post-graduate education or work experience, there must be a logical progression of study. The student’s choice of program in Canada must make sense to them, or they must be given a thorough explanation of how their Canadian diploma will benefit them when they return home. This is the most common reason for refusal.

Proof of Financial Means: The Canadian government wants to make sure that a student has enough money to cover their tuition fees, travel-related and living costs for the duration of their studies. As proof, a bank statement with a minimum balance of tuition fees (starting from $15.000 per year), accommodation + food (minimum of $10.000 per year) is required. You must provide a letter of support and proof of income from your sponsor in case your expenses are covered by someone.

Lack of Travel History: If an individual has never traveled outside of their home country, he/she may also be denied a visa. By presenting persuasive legal submissions our team can help you to support your application.

Family Ties in Canada: Surprisingly, having family in Canada can be a reason for denial. By presenting legal submissions our firm can overcome this obstacle.

Supporting Documents: If you do not provide legitimate supporting documents or submit irrelevant information/ documents your request may be denied.

Document Fraud/ Misrepresentation:
If you lie on an application, this is fraud. It’s a crime.
If you send false documents or information your application will be refused and IRCC may
• forbid you from entering Canada for at least 5 years
• give you a permanent record of fraud
• have you been charged with a crime or
• remove you from Canada

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