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Mr. S. is a young  Entrepreneur, a citizen of the  country with the lowest visa approval rate. Mr. S. previously applied  to come to Canada as a Business visitor and was represented by one of the reputable Canadian Immigration Law firms and all three of his applications were rejected.

Before we decided to take this file with multiple refusals, we thoroughly reviewed all the previous applications of the client and the officers’ concerns based on which they denied our client’s previous applications.

We have worked together with our team and the  client to prepare the strongest case this time. However, it would not be possible to achieve this result, if the client did not follow the #roadmap to success and provide us with all the supporting documents and proof of facts that we knew about him and his business.

Here are some of the steps that our client took:

  • Expanded his business to Turkey and attended as many business conferences as possible in Turkey and other European countries to develop his business
  • Consistently traveled to meet with partners abroad and took strategic steps towards expanding his business  to Poland
  • Improved the company’s brand awareness in social media, etc.
  • Collected evidence from meetings, conferences and other business related documents
  • Improved his English language skills 

Individual approach to each case and strategic planning is a key to our success

We took every possible step based on our experience by reviewing  business related and personal documents of our client and submitted a very precise, 100% relevant  and  professionally prepared application package to prove our client’s genuine intention to come to  Canada as a business visitor. 


After processing for four months, the Embassy of Canada in Turkey approved our client’s request  on December 9, 2022.

We thank our client for choosing RUTE Immigration and look forward to helping him in establishing a successful business in Canada soon!

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