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LOCATION: Halifax, Nova Scotia
SCHOOL TYPE: University
ENTRANCE DATES: January, May, and September
SCHOLARSHIPS: 13 Scholarship(s)
WEBSITE: https://nscad.ca/
TELEPHONE: (902) 494-8129
TOLL-FREE: Not Reported
FAX: (902) 425-2987
EMAIL: admiss@nscad.ns.ca
ADDRESS: 5163 Duke Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Located in restored historical buildings in the downtown waterfront area of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) is internationally recognized. A NSCAD education is distinguished by attention to diverse academic and practical concerns in the studio environment.

Areas of Expertise

The college fosters close creative relationships among artists, craftspersons, designers, educators, academics and the public at large, and assumes leadership in the regional, national, and international cultural community. Ample studio space accommodates work in all the principal areas of instruction and is accessible, in most areas, on a 24-hour basis.

On Campus Housing

NSCAD does not operate a residence. Residence space, however, may be available to NSCAD students through Dalhousie University. If you are interested, apply early. Applications can be downloaded from their website at www.housing.dal.ca.

Off Campus Housing

NSCAD University does not maintain a residence, and students are therefore responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements in the Halifax/Dartmouth area. An arrangement with Saint Mary’s University gives equal priority to NSCAD students for residence spaces at SMU (see below for more details). Many students rent furnished rooms from private owners or share an apartment, flat or house with other students. As new students get to know other students at the university, opportunities for less expensive shared rentals begin to occur.

Incoming Students

Foundation program: designed to develop knowledge of fine arts, crafts and design, and to establish groundwork for subsequent specialization, starts with orientation week. English tutors and study skills workshops are available. The College also employs a Learning Disabilities Resources Facilitator.

Career Planning

Campus Worklink Services available to students.


There are several special-interest clubs established with the support of the Students Union. Students are encouraged to start new clubs as well.

Information Technology

Multimedia Centre houses computer and audio-visual facilities, and supports various teaching programs. Computer software supports digital video editing, graphic design, page layout, image making, animation, interactive programming, multimedia, and word processing. Audio-visual equipment includes slide projectors, and portable audio and video recorders. The photography department houses both traditional facilities and advanced workstations in innovative digital technology. Internet access is provided in the library and through other arrangements.


The College’s Anna Leonowens Gallery presents work to the public relating to activities within the college. Visiting Artists Program and the Public Lecture Series allow for many visual arts professionals from around the world to visit the campus for lectures and workshops.

Special Services

Counselling and Psychological Services, Health Services, and English tutoring and services for students with learning disabilities. Services for Students with Disabilities, Black Student Advisors, and Native Student Advisors are also available to NSCAD students.

International Involvement

Students are eligible for exchange programs with more than 70 institutions in 15 countries, including institutions in Portugal, England, Australia, Scotland, France, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Ghana, Japan, and the United States of America.

Campus Tour

Tours are arranged on an individual basis during regular semesters through the Admissions office.


Requirements for International Students

Please view ‘Requirements for Canadian Students’.

Procedure for International Students

Applicants whose first language is not English must submit their results from a test of English as a Second Language. Any documents that are not in English must be officially translated to English.

Academic Year

Type of System Semester
Entrance Dates January, May, September
Notes: NSCAD University offers a range of programs for those wishing to pursue art studies during each of three semesters beginning in September, January and May.
Language of Instruction English


Tuition Fees

International Students: $21,974

Notes for International Students:

The tuition amounts listed include mandatory Student Union Fees for the full academic year. All international students must have Health Insurance, which may be purchased through the College or elsewhere. Proof of coverage must be presented prior to enrolling in classes. International students must also present a valid student authorization to study in Canada prior to attending classes.

Supplementary Fees 2023 – 2024

Student Union Fee
Lowest $166
Highest $166

NOTE: Based on 30 credits.

International Student Health Insurance Fee
Lowest $422
Highest $422

NOTE: International students must have appropriate health insurance coverage while studying at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Proof of coverage must be provided prior to the commencement of classes. Health insurance may also be purchased from NSCAD. The amounts above are for one year, or two terms, of study.


Canadian Students
Entrance: 0 Lowest: $800 Highest: $16,000
In-School: 0 Lowest: $500 Highest: $1,000
International Students
In-School: 100 Lowest: $800 Highest: $6,000


Canadian Students
In-School: 0 Lowest: $800 Highest: $1,000
International Students
Entrance: 0 Lowest: $800 Highest: $800
In-School: 10 Lowest: $800 Highest: $800

Graduate Scholarships

Canadian Students
Entrance: 0 Lowest: $2,000 Highest: $16,000
International Students
Entrance: 12 Lowest: $1,500 Highest: $1,500
In-School: 7 Lowest: $1,000 Highest: $1,500

Graduate Bursaries

Canadian Students
In-School: 0 Lowest: $800 Highest: $1,000
International Students
Entrance: 10 Lowest: $2,500 Highest: $2,500
In-School: 20 Lowest: $2,500 Highest: $2,500

Notes for Canadian Students

NSCAD awards over $80,000 in entrance scholarships annually, ranging from $500 to $8,000, and some awards are renewable for each of four years of study, making our top award approximately $32,000! After each year of study at NSCAD, more scholarships will be available for application by qualified students. NSCAD University offers over $170,000 in scholarships to current students. Most scholarships require at least one full time semester of study before qualifying for an application. Anybody who applies for the March 1 deadline is automatically considered for scholarships.

Notes for International Students

Scholarship Value Deadline Monthly Views
Communication Design Group Ltd. ScholarshipNSCAD UniversityDesign and Visual Communications, GeneralEngineering, OtherMass Communication/Media StudiesVisual and Performing Arts, General $800 February 15, 2023 Low
Joseph Beuys Memorial ScholarshipsNSCAD University, NSCAD University – Graduate StudiesDesign and Visual Communications, GeneralFine Arts and Art Studies, OtherFine/Studio Arts, GeneralLiberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, OtherLiberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal StudiesVisual and Performing Arts, General,More… $1,500 n/s Low
SUNSCAD Scholarship For Student InvolvementNSCAD UniversityAny $1,000 n/s Low
Marguerite And Leroy Zwicker FellowshipNSCAD UniversityAny $1,500 February 15, 2023 Low
William Donald Peters Fund, TheNSCAD UniversityAny $800 February 15, 2023 Low
Pattie Snow-Parker Memorial ScholarshipNSCAD UniversityAny $800 n/s Low
Margo And Rowland Marshall Award For PrintmakingNSCAD UniversityPrintmaking $250 March 02, 2023 Low
Margo And Rowland Marshall Award For SculptureNSCAD UniversitySculpture $250 March 02, 2023 Low
William Souter Memorial FundNSCAD UniversityAny $800 n/s Low
Lou Cable Memorial ScholarshipNSCAD UniversityGraphic Design $200 March 02, 2023 Low
Margo Marshall Award For TextilesNSCAD UniversityTextile Science $500 March 02, 2023 Low
Margo And Rowland Marshall Award For PaintingNSCAD UniversityPainting $250 March 2, 2023 Low
Alexander J. McDonald Memorial ScholarshipNSCAD UniversityAny $500 June 15, 2022 Low


      • Art History Bachelor
      • Ceramics Bachelor
      • Expanded Media Bachelor
      • Film Bachelor
      • Fine Art Bachelor
      • Interdisciplinary Design Bachelor
      • Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing Bachelor
      • Photography Bachelor
      • Textiles/Fashion Bachelor


Admissions for Canadian Students
Admissions Office
5163 Duke Street
Halifax, NS   B3J 3J6
Tel: (902) 494-8259
Fax: (902) 442-4077
Website: https://navigator.nscad.ca/wordpress/home/academicsadministration/office-of-admissions/
Email: admissions@nscad.ca

Admissions for International Students
Admissions Office
5163 Duke Street
Halifax, NS   B3J 3J6
Tel: (902) 494-8129
Fax: (902) 425-2987
Website: http://www.nscad.ns.ca
Email: admissions@nscad.ca

General Contact Information
Admissions Office
5163 Duke Street
Halifax, NS   B3J 3J6
Tel: (902) 494-8129
Fax: (902) 425-2987
Website: http://www.nscad.ns.ca
Email: admiss@nscad.ns.ca

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