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We encourage all our clients to apply for US green card DV lottery program every year as this is the easiest way to immigrate to the US and enter Canada if they choose to do so. 

However, selected candidates are not automatically issued an immigrant visa after winning a green card lottery. They need to go through medical exams and security checks as well as pass an interview at the US Embassy. We have recently received a positive decision from the US Immigration office on the case of Mr. B, a citizen of Uzbekistan who was refused an immigrant visa due to mismatching information in his application. 

Mr. B used the services of a local agency in Tashkent and applied for the US green card, and DV -lottery. He was very happy when he was selected for immigration and prepared his documents, he went through a medical exam with his other 4 family members. He paid for an immigrant visa interview and was refused due to the mismatched information on one of his son’s applications. 

Mr. B contacted us after being refused by several US lawyers to take his case( stating that it’s a lottery, no way to appeal or change the decision). He called us to find out if there was any way to challenge the decision and convince the officer to reconsider their application for an immigrant visa.

We congratulate our Immigration Expert, and strategist – Ms. Nilufar Tursunova! Her submission to reconsider the officer’s decision was approved after 2 months. Mr. B and his 4 family members were invited to give fingerprints and picked up their immigrant visas the next day from the US Embassy in Tashkent city.

Mr. B and his family will depart from Tashkent to the US  on August 9, 2022.

Conclusion: Check your profile information thoroughly before submitting an application. Do not trust your immigration to unethical, unlicensed consultants. After all, you will pay so much more and no result is guaranteed by Lawyers to fix your problems when you are refused a visa.

Note: This is a pro bono file ( representation was provided free of charge). If you have any US visa issues, contact us as we started cooperating with the best US Immigration Lawyers.

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