Business Immigration

Four main federal business immigration categories are:

  • Investor
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self-Employed Persons
  • Start-Up Visa

In order to encourage economic development, investments, create employment for its residents, Canada offers great opportunities for foreign nationals who wish to do business and contribute to the economic growth of the country.

If you own a business in your country of current residence and/or have managerial experience and sufficient funds to demonstrate your ability to start and operate a business in Canada, we encourage you to start your Canadian business plan and your immigration journey to Canada!

There are also other options available for foreign nationals who wish to start-up or purchase an existing business in Canada. You can contact us for more details or fill out our Free Assessment Form to find out if you qualify for business immigration.

We have helped many foreign investors to make their amazing business ideas become a reality in Canada while contributing to the economy of the country. While we only take care of the immigration process of business immigration applications, we work closely with the most reputable financial institutions and business analysts in Canada to make sure that our clients get the right business consultation and prepare business related documents properly, thus increasing their chances to success in immigration applications.

In most cases foreign investors do not posses an advanced level of English language. We arrange interpretation and translation services for them and provide transparent clear communication, which is vital to do our quality work.

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