About us


Multilingual professionals dedicated to meeting all you immigration needs

RUTE Immigration is a Canadian Multilingual Immigration Consultancy firm dedicated to delivering 100% high quality services to multinational clients in Canada and around the world.
Our unique approach and expertise to handle various complex immigration cases help thousands of foreign nationals to obtain temporary and permanent residence in Canada.
Immigration is a life changing decision and a complicated process; any minor mistake in application, possible delays or violation of immigration rules may cause serious consequences including family separation, deportation, loss of valuable foreign employees and other personal problems. We are fully licensed and trained to advice you and help to avoid such consequences.
We practice EXCELLENCE and we always strive to be the best in everything we do. Our specialization is to make the immigration process as simple and stress free as possible. We improve our performance continually and stress the importance of quality and productivity.
While we pride ourselves for our professionalism and in-depth knowledge of Canadian immigration laws and policies, thanks to our multilingualism we can communicate with most of our clients in their own language. Thus, allow us to avoid misunderstandings and deliver confidential and accurate consultations. We also have experience working with interpreters and have helped many stateless individuals to obtain protection from the Canadian government.
We believe that everyone must have access to justice and deserves honest and professional advice. We provide PRO BONO consultancy services for eligible family members of refugees or persons with complex status issues and with limited financial means. Holding ourselves accountable for results is a reflection of our personal commitment to our mission.

Canadian Federal Law requires that immigration practitioners, in Canada or abroad, who provide Canadian immigration services for a fee, must be registered with ICCRC and accredited as a Regulated Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or a Regulated International Student Advisor (RISA).

Exceptions are members in good standing of provincial or territorial law societies or the Chambre des notaires du Quebec

ICCRC – The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council is a national regulatory body that serves and protects the public by overseeing licensed immigration and citizenship consulting and international student advising professionals.

In other words, the ICCRC’s duty is to “police” the profession of immigration consulting in Canada to ensure the consumer is always protected from unlawful and/or unethical conduct by an RCIC and that RCICs continually meet high standards of professional practice.

Be aware of unlicensed and unethical consultants who may easily ruin your immigration application. Please request Immigration Consultant’s license number before agreeing to pay any fees for immigration services.  You may also check if the Immigration Consultant is in a good standing member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council by entering license number and personal information of the consultant here: http://secure.iccrc-crcic.ca/search-new/EN

Please check our Useful Resources page for more information about authorized and unauthorized Immigration Consultants.