Architectural Studies (HBA) – University of Toronto – St. George


LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario
SCHOOL TYPE: University
ENTRANCE DATES: May, September
SCHOLARSHIPS: 3,331 Scholarship(s)
TELEPHONE: (416) 978-2190
TOLL-FREE: Not Reported
FAX: (416) 978-7022
EMAIL: Not Reported
ADDRESS: 315 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The University of Toronto (U of T), an outstanding centre of undergraduate, professional, and graduate education, has been rated the number one university in Canada for six consecutive years by Maclean’s, Canada’s national weekly newsmagazine. At U of T, professors of international calibre bring leading research and scholarship to bear on their teaching and provide opportunities for study and discovery at the forefront of the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

U of T’s 40 libraries, among them Canada’s largest research library and dozens of specialized facilities in the colleges, faculties, and schools, contain more than ten million volumes and a plethora of other materials. The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, one of North America’s great collections, attracts scholars from around the world.

Areas of Expertise

With more than 2,000 undergraduate courses in the faculty of arts and science alone, as well as 81 fully accredited doctoral programs and hundreds of courses in 14 professional faculties, U of T affords its students an unrivalled education leading to rewarding careers in a vast array of exciting fields. Students, among the most talented in Canada, benefit from programs of study abroad, national and international exchanges, co-operative education, and inter-instructional experiences with dozens of affiliated institutions, including a renowned network of teaching hospitals and community-based health units, museums, and art galleries.

On Campus Housing

# Beds Lowest Highest
Female only: Lowest: $6,200 Highest: $6,800
Male only: Lowest: $6,500 Highest: $7,600
Co-ed: Lowest: $5,115 Highest: $7,615
Family: 710 beds

There are 3,811 residence spaces for single undergraduate students on St. George campus. 592 spaces are available at the University of Toronto at Mississauga and 536 are available at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. The cost of a room for an eight-month session at St. George campus is $4,000.00 to $4,039.00. Room and board is $5,115.00 to $7,615.00. Most of the residences have a compulsory meal plan.
There is an equal split between male and female undergraduate students housed in residence on the St. George campus. Almost all first-year undergraduate students who enter a program directly from high school and request housing can be accommodated. University family housing consists of 710 apartments and is available to undergraduate student couples/families, but houses mainly graduate students.

Off Campus Housing

The housing service register at the St. George campus maintains a registry of off-campus housing. Rents may vary depending on quality and location, but most rents are within the following ranges: shared accommodation: $400.00 to $600.00 per month; private accommodation: $600.00 to $700.00 per month (bachelor apartment); $700.00 to $950.00 per month (1 to 2 bedroom apartment); and $1,200.00 to $2,000.00 per month (3-bedroom house).

Incoming Students

Colleges, professional faculties, and many departments hold orientation, which is a week of activities at the beginning of the academic year that familiarizes new students with their faculty or college and with the university as a whole. Academic advice, including program and degree counselling, course selection, financial aid, as well as tours and courses on library facilities is also available. The Counselling and Learning Skills Service offers workshops and consultation on time management, note taking, exam preparation, textbook reading, stress, and study, as well as personal counselling. Students can access writing labs, and math and computer centres for assistance.
The Faculties of Arts and Science and Applied Science and Engineering offer special first-year curricula that help students develop important academic skills. The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering also offers a transition program aimed at helping students who fall behind in the first term to catch up. The University also offers a transitional year program, which is a one-year full-time course of studies for people who want to attend university, but do not qualify for admission because they have not completed secondary school studies.

Information Technology

Many faculties, colleges, and departments provide students with access to local departmental systems and computer-based technology labs. Most residences are wired for computers. Students have access to many services, including the library’s information commons, a computerized online catalogue and circulation service (UTLINK), and the Science and Medicine library’s more than 250 databases.
All students can have full Internet access and e-mail. New students get 20 hours free, plus an additional 20 free hours for each term they are registered in. Additional hours can be purchased in blocks of 20 hours for $7.00. Internet and e-mail access is free from library public sites. Most students can use the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system to add or delete courses and sections, get course ballot information, and will soon be able to get final course grades using a touch-tone phone.


Hart House features an art gallery, concert halls, library, lounges, music room, debates room, dining rooms, snack bar, pub, massage clinic, retail shop, hair salon, meeting rooms, and a theatre. Also offered are fitness classes, musical performance groups, and a variety of clubs. Musical, dramatic, and arts events are held on each campus. There are also campus and college-based newspapers, bulletin services, and radio stations. Each campus has art galleries and exhibitions. Community concerts are commonly held in U of T facilities.

Special Services

Native Students Association: cultural events, gatherings, and ceremonies. First Nations House: cultural services, academic counselling, and admissions advocacy. Office of Special Services: to persons with a physical or learning disability. International Student Centre. Personal safety awareness office, Walksafer and Ridesafer services, university ombudsperson, status of women office, counselling and learning skills office, health services, legal services, women’s centre, family care adviser, and resource centre. There is also an on-campus daycare, and race relations and anti-racism initiative office.

Affiliated Institutions

U of T has three campuses:
St. George Campus, University of Toronto at Mississauga, and University of Toronto at Scarborough.
The St. George Campus has seven arts and science colleges: Innis College, New College, St. Michael’s College, Trinity College, Victoria College, University College, and Woodsworth College.
Other affiliated institutions:
Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies
The Toronto School of Theology
(Consists of seven federated colleges: Emmanuel (United Church of Canada), Knox (Presbyterian), Regis (Roman Catholic, Jesuit), St. Augustine’s Seminary (Roman Catholic, Diocesan), St. Michael’s (Roman Catholic, Basilian), Trinity (Anglican), Wycliffe College (Anglican), and the associated McMaster Divinity College (Baptist).)

International Involvement

The University is a member of Canadian student exchange programs. International undergraduate exchange programs and study elsewhere opportunities are available with universities in Austria, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Scotland, Singapore, Russia, Spain, United States of America, Wales, and the West Indies. “Self-Directed” study elsewhere programs are also available for students who wish to make their own arrangements to study in foreign universities. There are two internship programs, the Professional Experience Year for outstanding students and the Japan Co-op program for outstanding science students. The Co-op program in International Development Studies at U of T Scarborough involves work placements overseas. U of T Scarborough offers co-op programs in Arts Management, Computer Science and Physical Sciences, Environmental Science, International Development Studies Management, and Management and Economics. The Environmental Earth Science program at U of T Scarborough offers a four-credit field camp held alternately in Costa Rica and the Canadian Rockies.


Requirements for International Students

Equivalent Qualifications
For information about international qualification equivalencies not listed here, contact Admissions and Awards for a copy of the International Undergraduate Admissions Bulletin.

International Baccalaureate (I.B.)
The completed diploma is required. In the year that the diploma is being completed, we will grant conditional admission to applicants with excellent predicted results. Final grades arrive too late for consideration. Students seeking admission to programs, which require Calculus, should present Mathematics at Higher Level. Math Studies is not acceptable for programs, which require Calculus.

United States
Admission to the University of Toronto is highly competitive. In addition to having achieved a high grade point average throughout high school, applicants must present good scores in SAT I (Reasoning) or ACT examinations (for admission in 2006, students should present the Writing Test if taking the ACT). Applicants must also present at least three SAT II (Subject Tests) scores or AP scores in subjects appropriate to their proposed area of study. Those seeking admission to Science or Business/Commerce programs are strongly advised to complete AP Calculus AB or BC, or IB Mathematics. Scores below 500 in any part of the SAT Reasoning or Subject Tests are not acceptable. While many of our programs require higher scores, students normally present scores of at least 1,150 on the SAT I’s and 26 on the ACT. A minimum of 1,300 is required for admission to most programs in Engineering. In addition to meeting the above requirements, students seeking admission to Applied Science and Engineering must include AP or IB Calculus, as well as AP/IB or SAT II (Subject Tests) in both Chemistry and Physics. Students seeking admission to Engineering after one year of university in the U.S. are required to present a GPA of at least 3.5 with two semesters of Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Transfer credit towards Arts, Business, and Science programs is given for some Advanced Placement tests with scores of 4 or 5.

Note: No transfer credit is awarded for AP courses by the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

French Baccalaureate
Minimum requirement for admission consideration is completion of the Baccalaureate/Baccalaureate General/Diplome de Bachelier de l’Enseignement du Second Degree with good results overall and in appropriate subjects. The Baccalaureate Technologique from France will also be considered if required subjects are included. French Baccalaureate holders will receive transfer credit towards Arts and Science programs for three subjects with the highest co-efficient provided they have achieved a grade in each of at least 11. Students may be considered for admission on the basis of predicted marks in their final year of study.

Procedure for International Students

Application Deadlines (International):
January 15 – Nursing (September entry)
January 15 – Music
January 15 – Applied Science and Engineering, Arts and Science (St. George Campus), Radiation Sciences, Physical Education, and Health
February 1 – U of T at Mississauga and U of T at Scarborough, Nursing (January entry)

Application forms can be obtained from the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre directly at:
170 Research Lane
Guelph, Ontario N1G 5E2
Tel: (519) 823-1940

You can also apply online at

Admission decisions are made upon receipt of all final and official transcripts.

There is a $60.00 application fee in addition to the fee required by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre.

Academic Year

Type of System Semester
Entrance Dates May, September
Notes: First term (winter session): September to December
Second term (winter session): January to April
Winter session: September to April
Summer session: May to August
Undergraduate students can start their studies in the winter session (September) or the summer session (May).
Language of Instruction English


Tuition Fees

International Students: $37,680 – $62,250


      • Actuarial Science (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • African Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • American Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Applied Mathematics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Archaeology (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Architectural Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Art History (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Astronomy and Physics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Biochemistry (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Bioethics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Biological Chemistry (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Biology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Biomedical Toxicology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Canadian Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Caribbean Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Celtic Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Chemical Physics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Chemistry (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Cinema Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Classical Civilization (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Classics (Greek and Latin) (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Computer Science (HBSc) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
      • Contemporary Asian Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Data Science (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Developmental Biology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Drama (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Earth and Environmental Systems (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • East Asian Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Economics (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Economics and Mathematics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • English (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Environment and Energy (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Environment and Health (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Environmental Chemistry (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Environmental Geography (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Environmental Geosciences (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Environmental Studies (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Equity Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Ethics, Society, and Law (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • European Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Finance and Economics (BCom) Bachelor
      • Finnish Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Forest Conservation (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Forest Conservation Science (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • French Language and French Linguistics (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • French Language and Literature (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Genome Biology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Geology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Geophysics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Geoscience (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • German Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Greek (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Health Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • History (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Human Biology: Neuroscience (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Immunology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Indigenous Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • International Relations (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Jewish Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Kinesiology (BKIN) Bachelor
      • Latin (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Latin American Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Linguistics (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Literature and Critical Theory – Comparative Literature (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Literature and Critical Theory – Culture Theory (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Materials Science (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Mathematics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Mathematics and Its Applications: Physical Science (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Mathematics and Its Applications: Probability/Statistics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Mathematics and Its Applications: Teaching (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Mathematics and Philosophy (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Mathematics and Physics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Mediaeval Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Music (ArtDipMus) Diploma
      • Music – Composition (BMus) Bachelor
      • Music – Comprehensive – Classical or Jazz (BMus) Bachelor
      • Music – History & Theory (BMus) Bachelor
      • Music – Music Education – Classical or Jazz (BMus) Bachelor
      • Music – Performance – Classical or Jazz (BMus) Bachelor
      • Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Peace, Conflict, and Justice (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Pharmaceutical Chemistry (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Pharmacology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Pharmacology and Biomedical Toxicology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Philosophy (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Physical and Environmental Geography (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Physics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Physiology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Planetary Science (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Polish Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Political Science (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Portuguese (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Psychology (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • Public Policy (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Religion (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Religion – Christian Origins (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Renaissance Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Slavic Languages and Cultures (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Slavic Languages and Cultures – Czech and Slovak Stream (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Slavic Languages and Cultures – Polish Stream (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Slavic Languages and Cultures – Russian Stream (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Slavic Languages and Cultures – South Slavic Stream (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Slavic Languages and Cultures – Ukrainian Stream (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Sociology (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Statistics (HBSc) Bachelor; Honours
      • TrackOne, Undeclared Engineering (BAS) Bachelor
      • Urban Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Visual Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Visual Studies – Critical Practices (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Visual Studies – Studio (HBA) Bachelor; Honours
      • Women and Gender Studies (HBA) Bachelor; Honours


Admissions for Canadian Students
Admissions and Awards
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Admissions for International Students
Admissions and Awards
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Fax: (416) 978-7022

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