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LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario
SCHOOL TYPE: University
ENTRANCE DATES: January, September
SCHOLARSHIPS: 3 Scholarship(s)
TELEPHONE: (416) 226-6620
TOLL-FREE: (877) 846-3253
FAX: (416) 218-6730
ADDRESS: 3377 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Get a diverse, international educational experience and still be able to go home for Thanksgiving. Our campus is situated in the north of Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Safe and clean, Toronto is a gateway to world-famous attractions and cultural events happening nearly every weekend. The best part about studying in Canada is that our tuition is a fraction of the price of comparable schools in the United States, and you can use your federal financial aid. Studying in Canada is also a simple process. All you need is a passport, documents from Tyndale offering you admission, and you’re in.

You are a student — one who should know your fellow students and your professors and learn in an open, engaging community. You are a student who should be able to learn not just how to do a job, but to think critically, and do so in a Christian environment. At Tyndale, we help you do just that.


Areas of Expertise


At Tyndale University, students study towards a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree, a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree, a Bachelor of Religious Education (B.R.E.) degree, and/or a Certificate in Christian Studies. The B.A. degree combines a strong liberal arts and professionally focused core with biblical and theological studies. Majors are available in business administration, English, history, human services, philosophy, psychology (including an applied program in psychology designed by world famous psychologist Dr. Paul Wong), and religious studies. B.A. Honours programs are available in many majors, providing exceptional preparation for careers or graduate schools. The B.R.E. degree has three ministry foci. It is a three year, professional program designed to prepare graduates for ministry in local churches, para-church organizations, or missions. The B.Ed. degree is approved by the Ontario College of Teachers and graduates can be certified to become teachers in Ontario.


On Campus Housing

# Beds Lowest Highest
Female only: 98 beds
Male only: 104 beds


All single, first and second-year University students under 20 years old are required to live in residence unless living with their parents or legal guardian. There are a limited number of apartments on campus for married students and families.


Off Campus Housing


A directory of off-campus housing is located at the reception desk. This directory includes houses, rooms, apartments, and basement apartments available to rent throughout the city.


Incoming Students


Tyndale has a wide range of services designed to make your first year in university truly enjoyable. We have an exciting orientation week, a Writing Centre to help you with essays and exams, a Counselling Centre with trained, professional staff to assist you, and many other services. Our residence has capable dons who will be able to help you through any problems, and we are in a safe and friendly neighbourhood allowing you to get involved in student events off-campus.




At the intercollegiate level, Tyndale competes in the Ontario Christian Colleges Athletic Association (OCCAA). Our varsity teams include men’s and women’s volleyball, and men’s basketball. Each team has its own schedule of games and tournaments with a championship at the end of each season. In addition, we may supplement the OCCAA schedule with games involving other colleges and universities, local club teams, and churches.




The separate University & Seminary student councils each offer experiences and opportunities to enhance student life. Tyndale encourages students to participate in various areas of activity, which help to provide social, spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth.


Information Technology


Free access to computers has been made available for Tyndale students in the three computer labs located in the library, the college basement, and room 251. Free Internet access is provided via a wireless network installed on the Tyndale campus. Tyndale also provides a Web based e-mail account to each student free of charge.


Special Services


Counselling services are available to all students during any semester in which the student is officially registered. During the fall and winter semesters, full-time students (12 or more credit hours) receive counselling free of charge and part-time students receive counselling for a small fee. Counselling services are staffed by 15 professional counsellors and interns.


Affiliated Institutions


Tyndale is affiliated with the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges, Association of Christian Schools International, Association of Canadian Bible Colleges, Association for Christians in Student Development, Christian Association of Canadians in Student Development, Christians in the Visual Arts, Associate Member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Jerusalem University College, and National Association of Christian College Admissions Personnel.


International Involvement


Semester abroad programs for mission exposure are available for students in some programs.


Campus Tour


Come learn about the application process, program specifics, admissions, and student life at Tyndale firsthand. You will also have a chance to meet the faculty, staff, and students of Tyndale. To arrange a campus tour, please contact the Admissions Department by phone at (416) 218-6757 or by e-mail at


Requirements for International Students


Applying to a Canadian university is just as easy as applying to a school at home. All you need to do is apply online, send in your transcripts, complete two short essays and send in a letter of recommendation. We’re not so different after all.


Procedure for International Students


  • 1. Complete our online application for FREE
  • 2. Submit your one character reference
  • 3. Send us your high school transcripts
  • 4. Medical forms (TB test)
  • 5. Student VISA

It’s that easy to receive an international education from Canada.


Academic Year

Type of System Semester
Entrance Dates January, September
Language of Instruction English


Notes for International Students:


International students pay the same fees as Canadian students. Total costs for tuition, fees, residence, board, books, and incidentals will average $15,000.00 Canadian per year.

Students are required to demonstrate their ability to cover these costs by submitting a bank statement of personal funds or letter(s) from sponsors indicating the amount of financial support that will be provided.

International students need to arrange for their own medical coverage/insurance (approximately $600.00 annually).

International students are required to pay their first year’s fees in full when they register for classes. Fees include tuition, student fees, and medical insurance.


Supplementary Fees 2023 – 2024

Application Fees
Lowest $50
Highest $150

NOTE: This fee is mandatory.

Orientation Fee
Lowest $200
Highest $200

NOTE: Required for all new students taking two or more courses.

Residence Fees
Lowest $1,963
Highest $3,482

NOTE: Rates vary depending on single, double, or suite occupancy and student status (i.e., first year or returning).

Meal Plan Fees
Lowest $1,450
Highest $2,150

NOTE: The meal plan is mandatory for those who choose to stay in residence. The residence fees above does not include this mandatory meal plan cost. The meal plan cost will be added to your residence fees each semester. Meal credits cannot be converted to cash.


Canadian Students
Entrance: 500 Lowest: $500 Highest: $5,000
In-School: 500 Lowest: $250 Highest: $5,000
International Students
Entrance: 500 Lowest: $250 Highest: $5,000
In-School: 500 Lowest: $150 Highest: $2,500


Canadian Students
Entrance: 45 Lowest: $500 Highest: $10,000
In-School: 45 Lowest: $500 Highest: $10,000
International Students
Entrance: 20 Lowest: $500 Highest: $10,000
In-School: 45 Lowest: $500 Highest: $10,000

Graduate Scholarships

Canadian Students
Entrance: 25 Lowest: $1,000 Highest: $1,000
In-School: 30 Lowest: $300 Highest: $3,000
International Students
Entrance: 25 Lowest: $1,000 Highest: $1,000
In-School: 27 Lowest: $250 Highest: $3,000

Graduate Bursaries

Canadian Students
Entrance: 45 Lowest: $500 Highest: $10,000
In-School: 45 Lowest: $500 Highest: $10,000
International Students
In-School: 45 Lowest: $500 Highest: $3,000

Notes for Canadian Students

Tyndale University offers a great opportunity for your friends to participate in your educational and spiritual growth. The Forgivable Loan Program (FLP) permits qualifying students to receive a loan to pay for part or all of their tuition and living expenses. If certain conditions are met (students must complete each semester and not be dismissed for disciplinary reasons), the entire loan may be forgiven at the end of the academic year. To qualify for the program, students must demonstrate financial need and they are encouraged to solicit donations to the FLP fund.

Please consult the following website for additional information on financial aid services.


Notes for International Students

Please view ‘Notes for Canadian Students.’

3 scholarship(s) found.


Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE) Bachelor
Bachelor of Religious Education – Degree Completion Program Bachelor
Biblical Studies and Theology Bachelor; Honours
Biblical Studies and Theology Bachelor
Business Administration Bachelor
Business Administration Bachelor; Honours
Certificate in Christian Studies: Transitions Certificate
Early Childhood Education Bachelor
English Bachelor; Honours
English Bachelor
International Development Bachelor; Honours
International Development Bachelor
Linguistics Bachelor
Music: Performance Bachelor
Music: Worship Arts Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy – Christian Apologetics Concentration Bachelor
Philosophy: Christian Apologetics Concentration Bachelor; Honours
Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Psychology Bachelor
Social Service Work Bachelor
Writing and Communication Bachelor; Honours
Writing and Communication Bachelor


Admissions for Canadian Students
3377 Bayview Avenue
North York, ON   M2M 3S4
Tel: (416) 226-6620
Toll Free: (877) 846-3253
Fax: (416) 218-6730

Admissions for International Students
3377 Bayview Avenue
North York, ON   M2M 3S4
Tel: (416) 226-6620
Toll Free: (877) 846-3253
Fax: (416) 218-6730

General Contact Information
3377 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON   M2M 3S4
Tel: (416) 226-6620
Toll Free: (877) 846-3253
Fax: (416) 218-6730

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