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LOCATION: Winnipeg, Manitoba
SCHOOL TYPE: University
ENTRANCE DATES: January, September
SCHOLARSHIPS: 10 Scholarship(s)
TELEPHONE: (204) 487-3300
TOLL-FREE: (877) 231-4570
FAX: (204) 487-3858
ADDRESS: 500 Shaftesbury Boulevard, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Canadian Mennonite University is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a major multi-cultural centre only a few miles from the geographic centre of Canada. CMU is a Christian University in the Anabaptist tradition, offering challenging programs and recognized degrees in undergraduate and graduate studies. CMU is a member of Universities Canada.

CMU is focused on strong academics, faith development, excellent teaching and faculty mentorship, a hospitable community, and experiential learning. At CMU, you can be part of a close-knit community that unites academic excellence with a theology. Our name is Mennonite, but students from all backgrounds study here.

Areas of Expertise

CMU specializes in undergraduate degrees in Humanities and Social Sciences—earn a BA in one of 16 majors. CMU’s School of Music provides students opportunities to receive Bachelor of Music degrees in five concentrations, as well as a unique Bachelor of Music Therapy degree.

The Redekop School of Business offers 4- and 5-year Bachelor of Business Administration opportunities with the option for co-op work placements and international exchange. Our Science program provides students with excellent pre-professional opportunities.

The Outtatown DIscipleship School provides students with a unique opportunity to study abroad in 12-month programs in Guatemala and South Africa, and a 6-month program in Burkina Faso.

CMU also offers graduate degrees in theology, ministry, peacebuilding and collaborative development, and an MBA.

On Campus Housing

# Beds Lowest Highest
Female only: Lowest: $1,900 Highest: $7,000
Male only: Lowest: $1,900 Highest: $7,000

CMU has three residential buildings with dormitory and apartment-style options. Prospective students are encouraged to live as part of the community because living together helps integrate academic, personal, social and spiritual development. Living on campus is also a lot of fun. Residences include dorm rooms for double or single occupancy and self-contained apartments varying in size from studio suites to three-bedroom apartments. A cafeteria serves all dormitory students as well as others who choose to purchase meals. It provides three meals per day, plus a snack every night @ 9:00 PM. Meals are served on a six-week rotation in order to provide students with a great variety of meals over the semester.

Off-Campus Housing

Every off-campus student is assigned to a Commuter Assistant. This is to ensure that every student has a student council resource person to aid with questions about campus, events, and student life.


Sports and Recreation Students can participate in a wide range of athletic and recreational activities, both competitive and non-competitive. Recreational facilities on campus include a gymnasium, fitness room, games room, outdoor ice rink, soccer field, and softball field. Bike paths and cross-country ski trails run through Assiniboine Forest located on the west side of the campus. The sports program provides opportunities for men’s and women’s participation in cross-country running, golf, soccer, indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, badminton, table tennis, and curling. One-day tournaments are organized for several of these sports. Intercollegiate sports competitions occur within the Central Plains Athletic Conference (CPAC), which includes seven other colleges in Manitoba.


A Community Gathering The people at CMU form a learning community whose guiding focus is the pursuit of knowledge and truth from an Anabaptist-Mennonite Christian perspective. As a body that seeks to be Christian, we are committed to the practical expression of the knowledge we seek. Hence, we take time to discern together what it means to live as Christians. This year our community will emerge from the coming together of formerly separate college groups. We will be one body with standard classes, chapels, residences, food services, and recreational services. The community meets daily at the chapel for the purpose of nurturing, developing, and expressing our Christian identity. These meeting times serve as a focal point for community life, and the gatherings vary in form: worship, exploration of issues in forums, student recitals, prayer times, and speakers. All students and staff are encouraged to attend. These gatherings provide many opportunities for student participation and leadership. Student Council Students play a key role in shaping community life. A Student Council elected by the student body works in co-operation with faculty and administration to promote the intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical welfare of the community. Students are invited to contribute to the community by serving on student council committees.


Arts and Entertainment Students have many opportunities to participate in dramas, recitals, concerts, and a variety of other fine arts activities, including choral performances with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Students can also enjoy the many art exhibits, festivals, dramatic productions, and concerts which Winnipeg offers.

Special Services

There are other services available that complement the academic program. These include counselling, health and life skills education, leadership development, learning support, and career guidance. We are also committed to providing services necessary for special groups on campus, such as commuter students, international students, and students with disabilities.


The CMU campus consists of about 44 acres of wooded land at Grant and Shaftesbury in the southwestern part of Winnipeg. In addition, Menno Simons College has a campus on Spence Street located downtown at the University of Winnipeg. Grant Avenue divides the campus at Grant and Shaftesbury. Buildings on the south side of Grant Avenue provide administrative offices, classrooms, auditoriums, a chapel, various types of residential facilities, a library and archives (in the Heritage Centre). The north side is dominated by a large, Tyndall stone building, in neo-classical style, which has been designated a heritage building by the Manitoba Department of Culture, Heritage, and Citizenship. After renovations have been completed, the building will offer attractive classrooms, faculty and administrative offices, music practice rooms, a large theatre/auditorium, and a student commons area. An indoor walkway connects this building to a gymnasium featuring regulation-sized basketball and volleyball courts. In 1998 the supporting constituencies of Canadian Mennonite University approved a capital campaign to fund the building of several new facilities. Construction of a new residential building soon begin. Other projected construction includes an enclosed skywalk over Grant Avenue, a student centre, a library, a chapel, new dining facilities and additional residences. Large sports fields, an ice rink, and spacious lawns provide an area for recreation and leisure. Bordering the campus on the south and west is the Assiniboine Forest, home of a bird sanctuary and numerous deer. The forest contains walking paths and cross-country trails for the outdoor enthusiast. Within a 10-minute walk from the campus is Winnipeg’s largest park and zoo, Assiniboine Park.


Requirements for International Students

Procedure for Canadian Students

In order to be accepted for study, each applicant must provide a completed application form, application fee ($50) and official high school transcripts. Applications for on campus housing must be accompanied by two reference forms and a $50 housing application fee.

If students apply before November 30th CMU will waive the application fee (For Canadian and American students).

Procedure for International Students

Visit for details.

Academic Year

Type of System Semester
Entrance Dates January, September
Notes: First semester: September to December
Second semester: January to April
Summer: May to AugustThe standard course load for full-time students is 15 credit-hours or 5 courses per semester. Most CMU courses have been organized into 3 credit hour courses.
Language of Instruction English


Tuition Fees

International Students: $15,000

Notes for Canadian Students:

The tuition fee for a single three-credit-hour course is $769. Approximately $16,000 will cover a full academic year of study at CMU, including tuition and student services fees for 30 credit hours of coursework, board, and room.

Notes for International Students:

An international student (including the U.S.) taking full-time (24 credit hours) courses, living in the dorm, and using the full meal plan can expect to pay about $15,000 (Canadian dollars).

Supplementary Fees 2023 – 2024

Student Card
Lowest $12
Highest $12

NOTE: This fee is mandatory.

Student Service Fee
Lowest $488
Highest $488

NOTE: This is based upon $20.32 per credit hour.

Application Fee
Lowest $80
Highest $150

NOTE: Applications before November 30 require no application fee.


Canadian Students
Entrance: 0 Lowest: $800 Highest: $4,000
In-School: 0 Lowest:   Highest: $1,000

Graduate Scholarships

Canadian Students
Entrance: 6 Lowest: $500 Highest: $2,500

Notes for Canadian Students

Entrance scholarships ($750-$2,000) are available based on marks. – 6 Program-specific Awards are awarded each year (Humanities, Social Science, Science, Biblical Studies, Communications and Media, Pre-Professional) worth $3,000 over 4 years. – 6 Music Awards given each year ($3,000 over 4 years). – 6 Athletic Awards given each year ($3,000 over 4 years). – 4 Leadership Scholarships given each year ($10,000 over 4 years). – Redekop School of Business grants $2,500 scholarships to 20 new business school students, and $1,500 transfer students. – Finally, 5 Outtatown Leadership Scholarships will be given out ($1,000).

10 scholarship(s) found.
Scholarship Value Deadline Monthly Views
Manitoba Blue Cross Bursary For Students With Special NeedsAssiniboine Community College, Brandon University, Canadian Mennonite University, Red River College Polytechnic, The University Of Winnipeg, University College Of The North More Any $750 n/s Low
Manitoba Blue Cross Entrance AwardAssiniboine Community College, Brandon University, Canadian Mennonite University, Red River College Polytechnic, The University Of Winnipeg, University College Of The North More Any $750 n/s Moderate
Margarita Esau Achievement Scholarships
Canadian Mennonite University Any
$700 n/s Low
Dr. J.E. Isaac Scholarship
Canadian Mennonite University Any
$1,000 n/s Low
Dr. Bernie And Marge Wiebe Scholarship
Canadian Mennonite University
Development Economics and International DevelopmentPeace Studies and Conflict Resolution
$300 n/s Low
Menno Simons College Bursaries
Canadian Mennonite University
Development Economics and International DevelopmentPeace Studies and Conflict Resolution
n/s n/s Moderate
Crosstown Credit Union Scholarship
Canadian Mennonite University Any
$300 August 31, 2022 Low
Ivan Esau Leadership Scholarships
Canadian Mennonite University Any
$1,300 n/s Low
Manitoba Blue Cross Travellers Bursary
Assiniboine Community College, Brandon University, Canadian Mennonite University, Manitoba Institute Of Trades And Technology, Red River College Polytechnic, The University Of Winnipeg More Any
$750 n/s Low
International Student Scholarships
Canadian Mennonite UniversityDevelopment Economics and International Development
Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
$1,500 August 31, 2022 Low


  • Agribusiness (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Agriculture (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Agroecology (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Biblical & Theological Studies Bachelor
  • Biblical & Theological Studies Bachelor; Honours
  • Business Administration Bachelor
  • Business Administration Bachelor; Co-op
  • Education (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • English Bachelor
  • Environmental Studies Bachelor
  • Food Science (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Geography Bachelor
  • Health Sciences (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Health Studies (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • History Bachelor
  • Human Nutritional Science (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Humanities Bachelor
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor; Honours
  • International Development Studies Bachelor
  • Law (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Mathematics (BA) Bachelor
  • Mathematics (BSc Three Year) Bachelor
  • Mathematics (BSc) Bachelor
  • Medical Lab Sciences (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Medicine (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Music Bachelor
  • Music (BA Three year) Bachelor
  • Music (BA) Bachelor
  • Music Therapy Bachelor
  • Music Therapy (Two year After Degree) Bachelor
  • Nursing (Red River College) (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Nursing (U Manitoba) (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies (PACTS) Bachelor
  • Philosophy Bachelor
  • Physical Education (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Physical Therapy (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Political Studies Bachelor
  • Psychology Bachelor
  • Social Service Bachelor
  • Social Work (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer
  • Veterinary Medicine (Pre-Professional) Bachelor; University Transfer


Admissions for Canadian Students
500 Shaftesbury Boulevard
Winnipeg, MB   R3P 2N2
Tel: (204) 487-3300
Toll Free: (877) 231-4570
Fax: (204) 487-3858

Admissions for International Students
500 Shaftesbury Boulevard
Winnipeg, MB   R2P 3N2
Tel: (204) 487-3300
Toll Free: (877) 231-4570
Fax: (204) 487-3858

General Contact Information
500 Shaftesbury Boulevard
Winnipeg, MB   R3P 2N2
Tel: (204) 487-3300
Toll Free: (877) 231-4570
Fax: (204) 487-3858

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