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LOCATION: Langley, British Columbia
SCHOOL TYPE: University
ENTRANCE DATES: January, September
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ADDRESS: 7600 Glover Road, Langley, British Columbia, Canada


Located in British Columbia’s beautiful Fraser Valley, just 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Trinity Western University (TWU) is one of Canada’s most respected Christian liberal arts institutions. A commitment to developing the whole student, academically, socially, physically and spiritually, distinguishes TWU as a premier institute for leadership development. Taught by some of North America’s finest scholars who have thoroughly integrated their studies with their faith, Trinity Western students acquire the thinking skills, expertise, professional abilities and character qualities essential for today’s marketplace. Research institutes include the Family Research Institute, the Ethics Institute and the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute, a research centre unique in North America. TWU also offers cooperative education and continuing education programs.

On Campus Housing

Standard Housing and Meal Plan: $7,974

Off Campus Housing

The Housing Office at Trinity Western University maintains an off-campus housing list of available accommodations, and room and board opportunities in the local area. Prices and availability of accommodations vary.

Incoming Students

Trinity Western University offers 42 majors, 30 minors and 8 certificates in the following subjects: Acting, Art + Design, Arts, Media and Culture, Biblical Studies, Biology, Biotechnology, Business Administration (Accounting, Corporate Finance, Economics, Human Resource Management, International Business, International Development Studies, Leadership and Management, Marketing), Christianity and Culture, Catholic Studies, Chemistry, Computing Science, Corporate Communications, Education, English, Environmental Studies, European Studies, Gender Studies, Geography, History, Humanities, Human Kinetics, Human Services, Information Systems, Inter-Cultural Studies, International Studies, Linguistics, Mathematics, Media + Communication, Missions, Music, Natural & Applied Sciences, Nursing, Philosophy, World Languages and Cultures, Physics, Political Studies, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Psychology, Religious Studies, Social Studies, Sociology, Sport and Leisure Management, Theatre

Career Planning

Career services at TWU are provided by the Career Development Office. This department works to help students not only find employment, but also explore their sense of vocation. Their professional staff provide services in employment networking, resume and employment coaching, personal assessment, interview skills and co-op education.


TWU has varsity teams in men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Club teams are also available, which include men’s and women’s soccer, men’s basketball, men’s hockey, and men’s and women’s rowing.


On-campus recreational facilities include a full gym, playing fields and tennis courts. A variety of fitness classes are held in Robson Hall. In addition, Recreation Services offers a variety of team sports for students of all levels of ability. The Community Life department facilitates educational opportunities and provides services to students so that all students – on campus residents, commuters, and international students – have the opportunity to reap the benefits of living in community. Education opportunities include building mature relationships, learning about one’s self, identity development, growing in personal and interpersonal competencies, independent and interdependent living, and living with integrity. Services include housing placements (residents), collegium memberships (commuters), and cultural orientation and integration (international students).


Trinity Western University Student Association, International Business and Economics Student Association, Model United Nations, Newspaper, Yearbook, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Music Ensembles, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Christian Outreach in Response to Aids (CORA), Chapel Worship Teams, Discipleship groups, Missions, Pro-Life, Crisis Pregnancy, Therapeutic Equestrian Outreach, Kings Corps (community service team), Youth Development International, Prison Chapel Team, Boys and Girls Club in Langley, Langley Lodge, Practical Needs group, Social Committee, Environmental Committee, MultiMedia, Cultural Committee, Resident Assistants, Commuter Assistants, Recreational Activities Assistants, Trinity Western In Service Team, Student Orientation Staff, Admissions Student Assistants, Varsity sports in Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Men’s Rugby, club sport: Men’s Hockey, Street Evangelism, International Student Ministries, Chinese Christian Fellowship, Mandarin Christian Fellowship, Korean Christian Fellowship, Spanish Christian Fellowship, Japanese Christian Fellowship, 11:07 (improvisational theatre) and Ground Level.

Information Technology

Residences are wired allowing students in residence to receive e-mail, connect to the campus network and have direct access to the Internet. Access is unlimited and there is no additional charge for this service.


Students enjoy a wide variety of cultural experiences, both Canadian and international. Although sensitive to the rich cultural diversity at the University, special attention is given to the enhancement of Canadian culture, including Canadian written music, literature, and drama. Vibrant and active Asian, Indo-Asian, South American, and Eastern European groups organize a variety of cultural activities throughout the year. Traditional Canadian culture is also celebrated through various student initiated events.

Special Services

All buildings are wheelchair accessible, ground floor dorm rooms are also available. The University is willing to attempt to accommodate all physically disabled students to enable them to succeed in their courses and in life at university. All situations in which physical disabilities are involved are directed to the Director of Special Needs Services. Those with a diagnosed learning disability must submit documentation to the Director of Counselling Services. Special instructional arrangements, at the discretion of the University, will be determined on an individual basis but may include oral examination, extended testing or alternate testing rooms. The Director of Commuter and Special Student Services coordinates programming for students in the ESL programs, disabled students and international students.

Affiliated Institutions

Trinity Western University is affiliated with the Canadian Institute of Linguistics, Reedemer Pacific College, and Coastal Pacific Aviation.

International Involvement

Summer study tours in Ireland, Israel, Hawaii, New York, Ecuador and Belize; summer mission/humanitarian relief in Haiti, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea and Northern British Columbia; other cross-cultural learning experiences are athletic, musical and dramatic in nature and involve travel throughout Canada, the United States and Pacific Rim countries. Third year opportunities through the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities include: Middle Eastern Studies program (Egypt), American Studies program (Washington, DC), Los Angeles Film Studies program, Latin America Studies program (Costa Rica), Russian Studies program and Oxford Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Campus Tour

Campus visits are available throughout the year. Visit the website for more details. Personal tours and extended visits are offered by appointment.


Requirements for Canadian Students

Specific requirements for each province and for programs are listed in the academic calendar or on the Web site. Students are required to graduate from high school or equivalent with a university preparatory program. This must include English 12 plus three additional Grade 12 academic subjects at a minimum overall average of 67%. A minimum grade of 60% or better is expected on the provincial examination portion of English 12. If you are considering majoring in any of the programs in the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, you are required to have Precalculus 11 or 12.

Procedure for Canadian Students

Students can apply online at .

Academic Year

Type of System Semester
Entrance Dates January, September
Notes: First semester: September to December Second semester: January to April
Language of Instruction English


Notes for Canadian Students:

Estimated costs for tuition and fees: $22,840. Tuition is calculated at a rate of $742 per semester hour. The amount listed above is based on annual enrolment of 30 semester hours. Additional lab and class fees may apply.

Supplementary Fees 2023 – 2024

Health Insurance (excluding Canadian students)
Lowest $900
Highest $900

NOTE: Estimate only.


Canadian Students
Entrance: 0 Lowest: $2,000 Highest: $6,000
In-School: 0 Lowest: $2,000 Highest: $6,000

Notes for Canadian Students

You will be automatically considered for an academic scholarship upon admission to TWU. No separate application is required. Eligibility is based on the GPA ranges listed below. Over 45 scholarships, grants, and awards are available to new students.


  • Art and Design Bachelor; Honours
  • Art and Design Bachelor
  • Biblical Studies Bachelor; Honours
  • Biblical Studies Bachelor
  • Biology Bachelor
  • Biology Bachelor; Honours
  • Biotechnology Bachelor; Co-op
  • Biotechnology Bachelor
  • Business Administration – Accounting (B.B.A.) Bachelor
  • Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
  • Chemistry Bachelor
  • Christianity and Culture Bachelor
  • Computing Science Bachelor
  • Computing Science Bachelor; Co-op
  • English and Creative Writing Bachelor
  • English and Creative Writing Bachelor; Honours
  • European Studies Bachelor
  • Game Development Bachelor
  • General Studies (B.A.) Bachelor
  • General Studies (B.Sc.) Bachelor
  • Geography and Environment (B.A.) Bachelor
  • Geography and Environment (B.Sc.) Bachelor
  • History Bachelor
  • History Bachelor; Honours
  • Human Kinetics (B.H.K.) Bachelor
  • Inter-Cultural Studies Bachelor
  • International Studies Bachelor
  • International Studies Bachelor; Honours
  • Kinesiology Bachelor
  • Linguistics Bachelor
  • Mathematics Bachelor
  • Mathematics with Computing Science Bachelor
  • Media and Communication Bachelor
  • Multidisciplinary Studies Bachelor
  • Music Bachelor
  • Nursing Bachelor
  • Philosophy Bachelor
  • Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
  • Political Studies Bachelor; Honours
  • Political Studies Bachelor
  • Psychology Bachelor
  • Psychology Bachelor; Honours
  • Religious Studies Bachelor
  • World Languages and Cultures Bachelor


Admissions for Canadian Students
Admissions Counsellors
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC   V2Y 1Y1
Tel: (604) 513-2019
Toll Free: (888) 468-6898

Admissions for International Students
Admissions Counsellors
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC   V2Y 1Y1
Tel: (604) 513-2121
Toll Free: (888) 468-6898

Campus Tours
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC   V2Y 1Y1
Tel: (604) 513-2019
Toll Free: (888) 468-6898

Financial Aid
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC   V2Y 1Y1
Tel: (604) 513-2031
Toll Free: (888) 468-6898

7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC   V2Y 1Y1
Tel: (604) 513-2032
Fax: (604) 513-2013

General Contact Information
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC   V2Y 1Y1
Tel: (604) 513-2019
Toll Free: (888) 468-6898
Fax: (604) 513-2064

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