Visit Canada/Extend your stay

  • Visitor Visa
  • Super visas for parents/grandparents
  • Extension of temporary stay

Canada is a breathtaking country to visit and to spend your holiday. There are plenty of activities to suite everyone’s taste and personality. You can come to Canada as a tourist to visit a family and friends, or to do business.

Application for Visitor Visa

Foreign nationals from Visa required countries should apply for Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) as a Visitor before coming to Canada. Responsible visa office will review your application and your visa will be placed in your passport. You will need to meet specific requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations in order to be admitted to Canada as a Temporary Resident.

The visa officer will consider the following factors while making decision on your application:

  • Your Purpose of Travel to Canada
  • Whether you will leave Canada at the end of your intended and authorized stay
  • Whether you can demonstrate that you have sufficient funds (money) to support yourself and your family member in Canada
  • Whether you are a law abiding person and never violated immigration rules of any country in the past and have no record of criminal activity
  • Whether you are in a good health and admissible to Canada
  • Whether you can provide supporting documents to prove your eligibility

Based on you purpose of visit you may be issued Single, Multiple, Super Visitor Visa. Multiple entry visa will allow you to leave and enter Canada during the validity of your visa.

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