Visit Canada/Extend your stay


If you are in Canada on a Temporary Status (Tourist/Student/Worker) and you need to extend your stay, you must apply for extension before your visa expires. Once you applied the period of your authorized stay as a temporary resident is extended by law [R183 (5) until you receive a final decision from IRCC. You are considered to have implied status as a temporary resident during that period.

If as a temporary resident you apply for a renewal of your work or study permit and your status expires before the decision is made you may continue working or studying under the same condition pending a decision of your application for a renewal. This applies only if you remain in Canada.


If you left Canada with implied status, you may re-enter as a permanent resident while waiting for a decision on the renewal of your application for study or work permit. To do so, you must be a temporary resident visa (TRV)-exempt, have a multiple-entry visa.

To re-enter Canada you must have sufficient funds to support yourself and convince officer that you will not resume work or study until your application for renewal has been granted.

Please note that this applies to individuals who are TRV exempt or those with multiple-entry visas.

If you are from Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)-required country who have implied status and seeking to re-enter Canada after your visit to solely to the United States or St. Pierre, and Miquelon you will be considered TRV exempt and your authorization to stay is extended, until you receive a final decision. You may apply for a new or a renewal of work or study permit at the port of entry.


  • If your application for extension is refused, you are considered in legal status until the day the decision is made on your application.
  • If the extension is rejected (incomplete), you are considered in status until the temporary resident document expires.
  • If you submit a second application for extension after receiving a rejection of your first application, and your original permit is still valid you will maintain implied status. However, you will be considered out of status of the date when you receive a rejection of your second application.
  • If your permit was expired when you submit second application following the first refusal, then you are considered out of status. You need to apply for a restoration of your status with your second application for extension of your status.
  • If you submitted incomplete application for an extension of your permit/visa, you will not be granted implied status and you will maintain legal status until the expiration of your valid TRV document.

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