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Canada attracts skilled professionals with its amazingly favourable working environments, compatible wages, workplace and employment standards.

Due to increasing of labour shortage for certain high and low skilled occupations as well as the lack of available candidates with necessary skills and experience in Canada, most of the Canadian employers are facing difficulties in filling available jobs in their companies. As the companies expand the talent shortages are real and employers search for suitable workers from outside Canada.  In order to obtain an authorization for employment, foreign nationals must apply for a work permit prior to start working. It is illegal to work in Canada without a work permit.


Employers can hire a foreign worker to fill the vacant position on temporary basis. First they need to make every effort to recruit local candidate through advertisement efforts. They must demonstrate their recruitment efforts to the ESDC  and prove that there was no qualified candidate available for the vacant position. ESDC will review employer’s LMIA application and will issue an approval to hire a foreign worker if convinced that employers could not find the right candidate amongst Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Once the employer receives approval from ESDC, foreign worker may submit work permit application including an official job offer to the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada.

Application Fees:

Employers are required to pay $1000 LMIA processing fee to Service Canada and upon receipt of approval, employer must pay $230 Employer Compliance Fee to the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada to further process employee’s work permit application.

Processing times:

Generally, employers must advertise a vacant position locally for minimum 30 days before filing their application for LMIA. Service Canada processing times may vary from several weeks to 3-4 months.

LMIA applications are processed in 10 business days if hiring foreign workers in skilled trades, workers coming to Canada for 120 days or less and high paid workers.


If the position falls under one of the LMIA exempt codes, employer may provide a job offer to Temporary Foreign Worker without going through LMIA process.

LMIA Exempt Work Permit can be obtained under the following categories:

International Mobility Program:

  • Canada International Non-Trade Agreements
  • Trader/Investor International Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
  • Intra-Company Transferees (including GATS)
  • Work under NAFTA Agreement

Canadian Interests -Significant Benefit:

  • Entrepreneur/ self-employed persons seeking to operate business in Canada
  • Reciprocal Employment
  • Youth exchange programs

International Mobility Program: Canadian Interest:

Charitable or Religious work

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