Stepping stone to permanent residency

Stepping stone to permanent residency Canada

Expand your business and bring your key employees to Canada

The best option: Intra-Company Transfer program (ICT)

The ICT program is the most popular program, which allows employers to transfer qualified employees to the Canadian parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate of their company abroad. Through this program both businesses and the Canadian labour market as a whole are able to benefit from the skills and expertise that these transferees bring to the country.

The ICT program has been created by the Canadian government specifically for temporary foreign workers whose presence in Canada will amount to “significant benefit” for the country’s economy.

Normally, Canadian companies go through Labour Market Impact Assessment in order to get a permission to hire a foreign worker. This process is very lengthy and complex. ICT program allows foreign workers, the key employees of the international company to enter Canada in a very short period of time as a worker and temporary work permits are issued for qualified transferees for a longer period of time comparing to standard work permits. All workers, regardless of nationality, must be deemed admissible to Canada on the basis of health and security/criminality.

International organizations can submit an ICT application for one or more employees at a time. The Government of Canada provides an opportunity for international organizations to bring the skills and talents who will add value not only to the Canadian economy, but also to the Canadian labour market

Benefits of the ICT Program

There are many reasons that businesses choose to obtain temporary work permits through Intra-Company Transfer program.

Faster Application Time – As mentioned above, an ICT application does not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Service Canada offices generally take anywhere from 1 to well over 3 months to process a request for an LMIA. This does not include the time taken to prepare and submit an application. During these months, the foreign worker would not be able to start working in Canada, which usually result in great losses for the business.

Waving the LMIA process by the government of Canada helps to save great amount of time and allows businesses to bring in their important employees in a fastest way.

Longer validity of Work Permits – Intra-company transferees work permits are usually issued for a longer period of time than standard temporary foreign workers. Standard work permits are issued for up to 4 years.  ICT work permits can be issued for up to 5 years (for Specialized Knowledge workers) or 7 years (for Executive and Senior Managerial workers).

Stepping Stone to Permanent Residency – If the employees wish to remain in Canada permanently, temporary residence and Canadian work experience achieved through ICT program will be helpful in their future applications for Permanent Residence. They may apply for Express Entry Program or immigrate through one of the Provincial Nominee programs.

Family members of Intra-company Transfers- Spouses and dependants of the qualified intra- company transfers may accompany the main applicant to Canada. They are eligible to apply for an open work permit or may study in Canada with open study permit. The family members’ Canadian diploma and/or Canadian working experience will also be helpful to apply for immigration if they wish to pursue Canadian permanent residence in the future.


There are three main categories eligible to apply for ICT program:

  • Executive: An individual who occupies a senior post in the company, who directs the overall management or an important component of the organization;
  • Managerial: An individual who manages all or part of the company, and whose job includes significant supervision of other employees;
  • Specialized Knowledge: An employee who, through his/her work, has gained a specialized or advanced level of knowledge in the company. This knowledge, while not necessarily proprietary, should be very uncommon in the general labour market of Canada.

Start-up- Establishing Canadian branch of the international business

At RUTE Immigration we help international businesses to establish Canadian parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate of their company abroad. Our team of multilingual professionals will take care of the while process by preparing a business plan, drafting all the required legal documents for establishment of the Canadian branch of the company and representing you before Canadian government officials during the whole process. Further we take care of all the nuances of the ICT application process including document collection, preparing submissions and training you for the meeting with immigration officer at the port of entry to Canada. It usually takes up to 3 months in total for processing your documents at our office and to submit your application to the Embassy of Canada.

To learn more about your business immigration options, please contact us today!

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