Canada has more favorable immigration policies then the US

Canada has more favourable immigration policies then the US

April 29, 2019

Canada has more favourable immigration policies then the US.

The number of international students increased 16% in 2018 after rising 20% in 2017. Canadian universities are attracting international students at record level, while universities of the United States of America declined enrollment of new international students to 6% in 2017/2018.

Canada is becoming a destination for high-skilled foreign workers who can’t get new or extended status in the United States.

Due to the restrictive immigration policies of Trump administration more high-skilled professionals and international students are choosing Canada to pursue their future career and educational goals and eventually obtain a permanent immigration status.

US companies are frustrated with current immigration policies are moving more people and resources to Canada. According to the employers survey in the Envoy study 63% of employers are increasing their presence in Canada; “either by sending more workers there or by hiring foreign nationals there,” reported the technology news outlet Recode. Many US companies have opened the affiliates of their companies in Canada to which they are transferring their workers.

Workers are excited and appreciate that a clear path to permanent residence (ultimately citizenship) is available to them, most likely after a year of working in Canada. In addition, spouses of foreign workers will be able to get a “work permit”, their children can go to public schools and the family will be covered with universal public health care.

Why is Canada good for international students?

International students who graduate from (at least) 2-year programmes at Canadian colleges and universities, in any field, are eligible for 3-year open work permits. Typically, graduates with a Canadian post-secondary credential will be young, communicate well in English or French and have gained one or more years of Canadian skilled work experience pursuant to their post-graduation work permits. This makes them competitive applicants under the points-based economic permanent resident selection process.
The knowledge that there is a clear “studies to work to permanent residence” path has significantly increased the number of international students coming to Canada, with many choosing Canada over attending U.S. schools for this reason.

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